Gryffindior brings Dior couture to Hogwarts and we’re like, “Accio”

Someone’s getting an “Outstanding” in their Fashion O.W.L.s...

March 06, 2018

My relationship with the Harry Potter franchise has been strained ever since J.K. Rowling became painfully active on Twitter, but Gryffindior, a new Instagram fan account, is acting as a visual salve. Gryffindior is to the point, putting the cherished characters of Hogwarts' bravest house into the house of Dior — an alternative Hogwarts, A History worth getting behind.


Seeing Professor Dumbledore in a leather beret and black sunglasses from Dior's F/W 17 on The Cut's Instagram was only the beginning. The account catalogues Dior's best looks from decades past to the present day on unsuspecting witches, wizards, house elves, ghosts, and even half-sentient portraits. A photo of Hermione as Bellatrix Lestrange traipsing around Gringotts Wizarding Bank in a Dior look that Bella Hadid is probably wearing this very second feels like a shot of Felix Felicis straight to the heart, and makes me thrilled for what else Gryffindior has up its proverbial robe sleeve.

There's already a sister page dedicated to what I've always considered to be the sartorially superior Hogwarts house, Slytherin, but house allegiances aside, peep some of the most magical mash-up photos below.

Thumbnail image from Gryffindior's Instagram.