It’s time to get really into Spirit Night

Formerly of The World Is A Beautiful Place…

March 07, 2018

Last year, Dylan Balliett left The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. This March 23, he's returning to a project he'd started in the early 2010s, Spirit Night, with the release of the brand new Shame album. "Hospital Bed" is the second single, with a stunning video directed by the artist Rob Feulner. Houses and bodies turn inside out, unstable.


"'Hospital Bed' is a song about visiting a college friend in the hospital after their failed suicide attempt and the whirlwind of confused thoughts and feelings that come with that visit," Balliett told me. "It’s about the strong friendships that are sometimes formed between people with shared mental health issues and the helplessness one experiences watching a friend struggle violently with one outcome of the same disease you fear every day."

Feulner also created the lead video, for "Crossing Atlantic Avenue," below. It feels like an important pair to this track, the color version to this one's black and white. "When I'm back in bed in Bed-Stuy, I will relive the short goodbye."

He's also a gifted illustrator and comic artist, so I can't help but plug that here too. He did the album cover, plus below is a page from his forthcoming book, No Onion, No Cry.

It’s time to get really into Spirit Night

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It’s time to get really into Spirit Night