This Baby! video might make you miss your college town

Especially if your college town was Boston.

March 08, 2018
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Sometimes, not often but sometimes, I miss living in Boston. I miss the basements and the dive bars and the shows at Great Scott. I miss the bridge that connects the one part of Allston to the other part. I miss the Brookline Booksmith and the Brattle Theater and the way a beer tastes when you're drinking it stealthily out of a beanie on the T.

Watching the video for "Weather Girl" — a catchy, charmingly ramshackle rock song by the Boston-based Baby! — triggered one such episode. But it also sort of offered a cure, since the clip follows mastermind Kaley Honeycutt all over town. If I dissociate it's almost like I'm there too!


The video, debuting above, was directed by Nico Ward. "It really felt like a collaboration," Honeycutt wrote over email. "[Nico] took the time to understand the vision I had for the video and pushed it even further. The final concept we settled on illustrates my feelings on a relationship falling apart over time. In the video the seasons and 'signs' guide me to the final shot in spring where I finally let go of what was really just a summer romance stretched far too thin.”

A Baby! album called Sunny, F.L. is out now via Yellow K Records.
Tour dates:

March 17 - Providence, Ma @ As220
March 27 - Boston , Ma (BC spring concert) @ Great Scott
April 14 - New York @ Bard college
April 20 - Boston , Ma @ Boston University
May 26 - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville