Classic, romantic country from Ashley Monroe

Listen to “Paying Attention,” produced by Dave Cobb in RCA’s historic Studio A.

March 09, 2018

In 2016, country music's superproducer Dave Cobb told me about taking over RCA’s historic Studio A in Nashville: "That’s gonna be the clubhouse. I want a safe haven to feel like it’s OK to make art for the sake of art and not worry about anything else. I think if enough of us band together and do that, maybe we'll have a fighting chance. If not, we're just gonna have a great time."


Today, we're debuting Ashley Monroe's "Paying Attention," produced by Cobb and recorded in Studio A. “'Paying Attention' is such a special song to me," Monroe says. "It was inspired by losing my sweet dog Rosie, then morphed into a love song of regret I think we all can relate to in some way.“

It's the second single from Sparrow, out April 20 via Warner Music Nashville and a stunning followup to her Grammy-nominated The Blade. (A new album from her group Pistol Annies, with Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley, is rumored for this year, too.)

"I really love how melodic and grand 'Paying Attention' is," Cobb adds, "and how Ashley marries Appalachia with Bobbie Gentry. I think she's making her own lane on this album.”

Don't you love to see a plan come together?

Classic, romantic country from Ashley Monroe