You can now get iconic items from Sex and the City in candy form

Carrie’s nameplate necklace, breakup sticky note, and Jimmy Choo and Manolo heels have edible counterparts.

March 19, 2018

Sex and the City has been off the air for over a decade, but its fan base has remained staunchly devoted to the franchise and its four lead women through thick, thin, and the disaster known as Sex and the City 2. The biggest stan of the HBO classic is undoubtably @Everyoutfitonsatc, the wry Instagram account birthed with the purpose of documenting every dazzling — and sometimes questionable — outfit that appeared on the show's six-year run.


The Instagram account quickly outgrew its early ambitions, moving onto releasing its own merch and has now partnered with NYC candy maestro Maayan Zilberman of Sweet Saba to create edible versions of some of the show's most iconic visual signifiers. Carrie Bradshaw's nameplate necklace and a few pairs of her signature Manolo and Jimmy Choo heels (scholars are still perplexed at how she afforded them on a writer's salary) got the candy treatment, but no shimmery, pink cosmopolitan references made the cut. It may seem like a missed opportunity, but Zilberman went for a deep-cut instead: the post-it note from Carrie's tortured author boyfriend, Jack Berger.

"I thought right away of the most iconic items that are not only garments, but items that affected the aesthetic of the show. Of course Carrie's most famed shoes by both Manolo and Jimmy Choo. . . but also the nameplate necklace she appropriated and made mainstream, and the break-up post-it — a symbolic placeholder for every fleeting trend we all latched on to during the course of the show," says Zilberman in an interview with Vogue regarding the collaboration.

The candies are available through Sweet Saba and they're not cheap — Carrie's necklace will cost you a cool $45, so it might be fiscally responsible to think of these as collector's pieces as opposed to quick sugar rush. All proceeds go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which also happens to be one Kristin Davis' — a.k.a. Charlotte York Goldenblatt — favorite charities.

Thumbnail image via Maayan Zilberman's Instagram.

You can now get iconic items from Sex and the City in candy form