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Fashion safety goggles are a thing now

Eyewash station chic.

March 21, 2018
Fashion safety goggles are a thing now

Fashion has the ability to transport us back to different eras. A texture or silhouette can feel either downright nostalgic or send us headfirst into a version of the future. For Los Angeles-based Brashy Studios, the era they're sending us to is high school, specifically chemistry class. The contemporary streetwear line — which typically specializes in slick, PVC fits that make you look like an extra in The Matrix — also sells safety eyewear. The goggles look identical to the ones you wore on lab days and feel like a response to the worldwide hazards that seem to be multiplying on a daily basis. There's endless war, corruption, unrest, and injustice and the ever-evolving beast of fashion is finding ways to keep you safe — or at least, make you look safe — through it all.


Thumbnail image via Brashy Studios' website.

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Fashion safety goggles are a thing now