Did you do your taxes?

Spring Onion did theirs online and made a song about it.

March 21, 2018
Did you do your taxes? Courtesy Spring Onion

The Grey Estates blog just premiered this track from Spring Onion, better known as a Catherine Dwyer of Remember Sports, which I am glad about because I almost forgot. Every year, H&R Block and Intuit (the makers of TurboTax) spend millions lobbying the government to make taxes more confusing than they need to be. I recommend FreeTaxUSA.


"I Did My Taxes for Free Online" is the title track (lol) of Spring Onion's new album for Sleeper Records, out April 13, and it's the sort of honest, domestic, acoustic folk song that I wish public radio stations played instead of the worse versions recorded by boomers. Like the other week I was upstate and they played a song on the radio about how eating healthy was bad because it made people feel guilty, gtfoh. Play "I Did My Taxes for Free Online" instead!

FADER has a nice Remember Sports piece coming soon, too, so keep an eye open.

Did you do your taxes?