What is “Milky Milk”? Because it is so good

Listen to Dama Scout’s new single.

March 26, 2018

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"Milky Milk" is a heavy-and-sweet new single from London trio and Harper Lee fans Dama Scout, for sale tomorrow, March 27, from Hand In Hive (U.K.) and Father/Daughter (U.S.).


"How is this song milky?" The band shall explain: "This song is milky in the sense that it was squeezed from a cow's teat into a bucket."


"We then gave a pinky of milk to each of our friends who proclaimed it to be 'good'. We churned the remainder into butter and added salt. We sold the butter as merch to pay for recording the drums."

OoOOOoh! Pre-order now.

What is “Milky Milk”? Because it is so good