A beautiful Swedish video for a beautiful Swedish song

Watch the clip for “Impatience” by FLORA, a new project from Varg and AnnaMelina.

April 04, 2018

Today marks the debut of FLORA, a bombastic collaboration between Varg, the producer best known for his work with the label Northern Electronics, and AnnaMelina, a wideranging vocalist and electronic artist. On "Impatience," the duo creates cinematic texture out of AnnaMelina's pained vocals, urgent-sounding synths, and clattering drums.


The Paps Loco-produced video, premiering today on The FADER, is appropriately moody, and frigid. "The video is shot in Skellefteå with a crew of close friends in -30c. We didn’t want the video to be to serious and dramatic, we wanted it to feel empowering and in a sense that it connects directly to what the single is about," FLORA explained in a video. "Since this is our first music video where we are introduced in the material we wanted to represent who we are as people and take a lot of details from our own lives. From that we just let our alter ego come up with ideas and worked around them."

Watch the clip above, and look out for more from FLORA.

A beautiful Swedish video for a beautiful Swedish song