This song is weirdly anxiety-inducing and super comforting at the same damn time

Watch the video for Mechatok’s “All My Time.”

April 11, 2018

Berlin-via-Munich artist Mechatok is a classically trained guitarist. Perhaps it's in part due to that ingrained musicality that his electronic and experimental work is as sweepingly dramatic and narrative as it is. Today, he is debuting the video for "All My Time," off an EP of the same name that will be released this May by Lorenzo Sonni's Presto!? label. The song is disarmingly as anxiety-inducing as it is gentle and comforting. In the accompanying clip, Mechatok strolls through what feels like a quietly apocalyptic alternate universe, where he encounters creatures of his own making.


"We shot it in this lifeless, artificial-looking American neighborhood from the '50s in Berlin that I discovered a few years back. It has a subtle uneasy, eerie vibe to it that I wanted for the video," explained director Sophia Kuhn. "My idea was to have Mechatok face his emotions represented by young, ruthless, cartoonish characters."

Of the EP itself, Mechatok wrote in an email: "I made this EP throughout the whole of 2017 and it was the first time I really focused on developing just a few songs over a long time, instead of working on lots of short-term things. I wanted to make sure all the songs have that certain cinematic quality to them. The song 'All My Time' specifically has a very storytelling progression and moves quite dramatically. Sophia and me were speaking about making a video for a while and it seemed like a perfect occasion to make this filmic music video we imagined.“

Watch the clip above. And if you're in Berlin, Mechatok is performing at Berghain's Panorama Bar on April 26.

Thumbnail Credit: Theresa Kuhn

This song is weirdly anxiety-inducing and super comforting at the same damn time