Dev Hynes returns to Twitter

He shared a clip of what appears to be new music.

April 16, 2018

Dev Hynes has returned to Twitter, following a multi-year hiatus. The artist behind Blood Orange first left social media in 2015, beginning with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, citing the disconnect he felt between his real life and his online presence. After a return in 2016, his pages were shuttered again.


"You may see me write on this page or playing music and see me as Blood Orange or Dev Hynes, but I turn the corner and I am just another black man," he wrote in a Facebook post captured by Stereogum in 2015, "a black man that can’t get a cab, a black man that has to be careful how i walk if i want to overtake a young white woman so that she doesn’t feel scared, a black man that has to sit down and be silent when a police car circles the basketball court I play at, a black man that could be shot down at any time in my life, and as I’m dying know full well, that even if they were to catch who killed me, he will get off free."

His Instagram was revived by 2017, though sparsely used Until March. Today, he used his story to announced that he's back on Twitter with a new handle, @AngelBoyDev. His first tweet read "RIP STEPHON CLARK 🌹," referring to the unarmed black man shot by police in his grandmother's backyard in Sacramento in March. He has since also shared a new clip, seen above. On Instagram, his original share of the same video noted that new music and tour dates would be coming "soon."

Thumbnail image courtesy of Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIDAL.

Dev Hynes returns to Twitter