Now presenting, the Céline suckbag

The most expensive CamelBak out there.

April 17, 2018

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It's festival season — it's blazing hot, you're parched, and you're trying really hard to look cool. Thankfully, hyphy designer Warren Lotas created a three-birds-one-stone solution: a vintage Céline purse with a CamelBak add-on. It's called the Suckbag, and I wish I was kidding. In addition to the CamelBak, the purse features a painted illustration of the grim reaper smiling menacingly back at you from the comfort of his acid-green hellfire. The Suckbag is sold exclusively at Los Angeles retailer Maxfield and costs a whopping $7,500, which is equal to approximately 625 CamelBak water bottles. Here's to a whole fashion cycle dedicated to fiscally irresponsibly hydration practices!


Thumbnail via Maxfield LA's Instagram.

Now presenting, the Céline suckbag