Naughty Boy debuts “All Or Nothing” with Ray BLK and Wyclef

The U.K. producer’s new single is an empowering reggae pop song.

April 17, 2018

British producer Naughty Boy is a dab hand at putting together a pop hit. He worked with Beyoncé in 2015 on "Runnin' (Lose It All)," while he was also one of the first producers to collaborate with Sam Smith. For his latest track he has hooked up with rising U.K. R&B singer Ray BLK, as well as Wyclef Jean for a reggae-inspired summer jam.


"All Or Nothing" is the latest single to be taken from Naughty Boy’s upcoming second album. Underneath its laid-back vibe lies a darker edge, with BLK singing "this will be the last time I pretend" as she hands an untrustworthy lover his final chance.

“The message in the song is like a self-love handbook,” Naughty Boy tells The FADER via email. “I think we all sometimes neglect when our instincts are telling us something about someone is not right but we refuse to believe it and keep giving a situation more energy than it deserves. The song is very empowering and honest”

“All Or Nothing” is out now via Virgin EMI Records. Listen to the track above now.

Naughty Boy debuts “All Or Nothing” with Ray BLK and Wyclef