What you need to make the most of Taurus season

Turn up the romance.

April 18, 2018

In astrology, each sign is ruled by a planet, and as the sun moves into Taurus, all things Venusian are about to kick into high gear. Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac, and one that is drawn to the sensory — if it involves luxury and being pampered, Taurus is on the case.


Despite the decadence and hedonism associated with this sign, Taurean energy is very much grounded. This sign is incredibly hard-working, tough, and dedicated. It's a fixed sign, which in layman's terms means those who are under this sign are known for their stubborn streak. There's a reason Taurus is associated with the bull. Have you ever tried to make a bull do something it didn't want to? Neither have I, but I imagine it's a fruitless task. This season, enjoy the beauty that Taurus so effortlessly creates. Take baths, sneak in a nap, spend a large sum of money on delectable dessert, and peep our starter pack of Taurus-friendly presents below.

Extremely fancy teas
What you need to make the most of Taurus season Amazon.com

I have yet to see a Taurus rush for anything. This sign loves to take its time, relaxing and indulging in their senses whenever possible. Sure, you're running 45 minutes late because your respective Taurus still isn't ready, but that's more of a you problem, not a Taurus problem. They will continue to move glacially, and you better believe they'll be enjoying themselves the entire time, maybe even sipping a cup of high-priced tea because you're annoying them with your time restrictions. Beyond being expertly crafted tea — the fruit notes are never cloying — these Dammann Frères teas come in touchably silky bags and immediately make you feel expensive.

A budget spa experience
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Taurus is a deeply physical sign. It finds safety and comfort in the material, and the L’OCCITANE Almond Smoothing and Beautifying Supple Skin Oil brings the experience to the next level. It's luxury in a bottle, with a barely-there almond fragrance that's earthy and sophisticated. Until you're financially sound enough to afford a weekly spa trip, this oil is the next best thing.

A dreamy love song like Kacey Musgrave's "Velvet Elvis"

Is there a more Taurean lyric than "Soft to the touch / Feels like love / Knew it as soon as I felt it" out there? I don't think so.

Clothes for lounging and partying

Syabrites at heart, Taurus is a master at luxuriating. The designs of Los Angeles-based Day Space Night hit the sweet spot between lavish and functional, and appeal to the bull's sensual and diligent ways. Designers Kris Chau and Samantha Margherita drew inspiration from the vintage Farmer’s Kimono and classic dojo pants for their Sun Lily set — the shorter kimono sleeves won't get in the way while working and the dojo pants are guaranteed to be comfortable. Plus, the pieces are made from pure silk for some Taurus-season-worthy instant opulence.

Leather for your friendly neighborhood hedonist

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Creepyyeha's smooth leather get-ups are pure carnal refinement. Each piece is handmade in NYC by designer Yeha Leung — her adorned chokers, harnesses, belts, and more easily evokes the sign's penchant for self-indulgence.

An eye-on-the-prize necessity

Taurus knows how to get shit done. This sign is steadfast with its goals and can really put its head down to work (when it feels like it.) In order to stay on top of everything, they'll need a notebook to write it all down. That being said, Taurus would rather be caught dead than use a Staples-adjacent notebook — instead, think striking alternatives, like a leather bound Montblanc notebook that's too chic to be shoved away at the bottom of your work-bag. A luxe notebook naturally calls for a luxe pen, and Japanese brand Pentel delivers quick-drying, smooth ink, all in a sleek, silver casing.

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What you need to make the most of Taurus season