6 ways to liven up your wardrobe with snakeskin print

Slither into the trend (sorry, we had to.)

April 19, 2018

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The days of bland, norm-core looks dominating fashion have thankfully been laid to rest. The irritatingly drab has been swapped out for the invigorating: prints, shimmer, beading, and more make it clear that having fun with your clothes is once again en vogue. Animal prints are experiencing a welcomed return, and for once it's not just the perennially cool leopard print.

Snakeskin print is slowly reemerging, both on the runway, like Vaquera's can't-miss bow ensemble and in everyday wear, like a pair of high-top Converse. Part of the print's magic lies in its ability to be both gaudy and sophisticated, a guaranteed way to inject star-power into any fit. It's a simple formula to master, and below we've highlighted a few ways to incorporate snakeskin print into your daily looks.

Classic cowboy boots

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Western wear has been having its moment in the spotlight for a minute now, and snakeskin feels destined for Kelsey Lu's rugged, cowboy boots. Take yourself on a road trip down south and find a boot store to get the full experience.

Go monochrome

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A head-to-toe snakeskin look is intimidating-as-hell and undeniably cool. It's important to note that Bella Hadid wearing snakeskin — her pants and jacket are from cool-girl favorite Miaou — is definitive proof that snakeskin is about to everywhere.

A slick motorcycle jacket

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Take a cue from 21 Savage and rock a snakeskin print on a timeless, motorcycle jacket. Shirt optional. If you happen to have an extra $10,000 lying around, you can buy the coat Savage is wearing at Phillip Plein.

Capitol Hill-appropriate heels
6 ways to liven up your wardrobe with snakeskin print Image courtesy of The Wendy Show

Snakeskin is as versatile as it gets — it looks just as good on streetwear as it does on high-end pieces. New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon might know this well, seeing how she wore the print during her politics-focused appearance on The Wendy Show. She's going to fix the MTA, and she's going to do it in a pair of snakeskin slingback pumps! Find a similar feel in Isabel Marant's pumps, with its colorfully embossed leather and graduated ruffle edges that are professional without feeling stuffy.

A layered top

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Snakeskin blends well with all colors, and even adds an extra detailed effect when worn with other patterns, as demonstrated by FKA Twigs. Head to Kim Shui for snakeskin printed turtleneck that looks great layered or on its own.

A striking trench coat

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Model Ruby Aldridge wears her snakeskin in the form of a sleek trench that pops in shades of lime and sage — it's a tried-and-true statement piece that will instantly make even a basic jeans-and-tee ensemble the coolest one within a five block radius. Grab yourself an affordable version from I. AM. GIA.

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6 ways to liven up your wardrobe with snakeskin print