Listen to Yemi’s “update” and shiiine

Glowing new single from the Swedish rapper.

April 19, 2018
Listen to Yemi’s “update” and shiiine Molly Disa Bergström

I met Yemi a few years ago in Stockholm, when Yung Gud played me cute summer songs they'd been working on together — big Auto-Tune sung in Swedish, and some unexpected hardstyle.


"Update" is, fittingly, the first Yemi song I've heard in a little while, a self-produced one-off single with another coming later this season. The synth-flute is a doll, the subtle backing vocals well-deployed. It sounds better than life is.

Check out last year's Newoyemi Vol. 1 EP for more.

Listen to Yemi’s “update” and shiiine