Metro Boomin: “Russ is whack in spirit”

Young Metro stood up for his fellow producers in an online debate.

April 23, 2018
Metro Boomin: “Russ is whack in spirit” Metro Boomin (L) and Russ.   Pascal Le Segretain/Chance Yeh/Getty

Metro Boomin has criticized rapper Russ after he said rap music is suffering due to "producers making whack shit."


The debate began with a VladTV interview published in January 2017 in which Russ was critical of the current health of rap and stressed his belief that rappers were not to blame for what he perceived to be the issues facing the scene.

“People think that you blame the rappers for the state of hip-hop,” Russ said in the interview. “Rappers are not making the music. You gotta blame the producers. Producers are making whack shit. If a producer…If all I do is rap, I’m a vocalist. If a producer sends me a pack of 20 beats, and they’re all whack and they all sound the same, I’m just fucked. I gotta pick the best of the worst.”

Perhaps late to seeing the interview, or merely reminded of it some 15 months later, Metro Boomin stepped to the defence of his fellow producers and posted the following tweets. He also retweeted Montreal producer Kizzy, who was also critical of Russ.

The FADER has reached out for comment.

Earlier this year Metro Boomin suggested he had retired from rap music. He recently appeared alongside Offset for an appearance on The Tonight Show.

Metro Boomin: “Russ is whack in spirit”