Moss Kena steps out of the shadows on “You Don’t Know”

Watch the new video from the U.K. R&B singer.

April 23, 2018

Moss Kena is the rising U.K. artist with an androgynous falsetto. In March he released his Found You In 06 EP, the title of which is a reference to his love of Amy Winehouse. Like her, Kena mixes vintage and modern sounds together, crafting deeply personal R&B songs where the vocal is the main attraction.


The 20-year-old has kept his identity something of a secret until this point. He stares down the camera lens for his "You Don't Know" video, a hazy and seductive exploration of lust, jealousy, isolation, and curiosity all set at a stylish house party.

Speaking to The FADER about the visuals, Moss Kena says: "The song is about a hot and cold relationship and not knowing where you stand, I wanted the video to reflect the introverted feeling of isolation and how in a room full of people, you can still feel alone in your mind.”

Check out the "You Don't Know" video above. Moss Kena will play his debut live show as part of The Great Escape Festival in May.

Moss Kena steps out of the shadows on “You Don’t Know”