ALYX made adult HEELYS

2003 forever.

April 26, 2018

Remember HEELYS? The rollerskating shoe from the early aughts caused a lot of prepubescent middle school kids to injure themselves while gliding to class. Enough accidents happened that the shoes were banned from my own school, and I'm sure fear of litigious parents caused bans at many others. Fashion has been grabbing from early 2000s trends for a minute now — think of the blow-up return of chain belts — and if you thought HEELYS were excused from this return, think again.


The brand teamed up with ALYX, releasing adult HEELYS that you wouldn't feel totally embarrassed about wearing in public. The canvas high-tops feel true to ALYX's signature clean silhouettes, are covered with highlighter splotches of ALYX logos. The removable rubber wheel, on the other had, is clear with glitter detailing, and feels very much in line with 2003. The collaboration costs approximately $250 — nostalgia comes at a high cost, people.

Thumbnail via ALYX's webstore.

Posted: April 26, 2018