Exclusive: Watch Mitch’s video for “I’m A Dog” featuring YG

There are also a ton of adorable puppies.

April 26, 2018

For the visuals to Mitch's new song "I'm A Dog," he and YG, who is featured on the track, lounge at a luxurious mansion, surrounded by a countless number of puppies. The song is from Mitch's new project Space, which you can listen to now, here. The video, directed by Alexandra Gavillet, seems to give off the haze of summer, an idea furthered by poolside shots and a colorful wardrobe on Mitch and YG.


"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself," Mitch told The FADER, about being on the set with a ton of cute puppies. "Having little puppies running around set all day was probably my favorite part. But honestly, this video was amazing. Working with Alexandra was beyond great. She made everything easy and made sure all I had to do was have fun and enjoy myself."

All the dogs came from the LA area. "My amazing producer Johnny Hernandez cast a big net via his homies in LA. A bunch of people brought their dogs to the shoot and it almost felt like we were just shooting an epic dog party," Gavillet explained.


"It was hilariously amazing," she added, about working with the pups. "All the dogs had different personalities and were running around having fun with their humans and the talent. Some of them were natural stars and took direction really well. YG loved working with the little puppies so much that he mentioned he wanted to adopt one for his daughter."

Gavillet's favorite pup? "The baby Pitbull! He was the cutest puppy ever, the whole cast and crew were shook at how chill he was and totally holding his own. I also loved the chubby husky twins, they were so good on camera."

Check out all the pups and the full video above.


Producer: Jonathan Hernandez
Director: Alexandra Gavillet
Cinematographer: Russ Frazer
8mm Film Camera: Vanessa Konn
Production Design: Alexis Rose
Editor: Aaron Bencid
Color: Carlos Flores
Mitch Styled by: Madisen Sowers
YG Styled by: BROOKLYN

Exclusive: Watch Mitch’s video for “I’m A Dog” featuring YG