John Legend is the only person in Calabasas who has read a book


April 30, 2018

Because its Monday, Kanye West tweeted a screenshot of someone named Steve telling him that Republicans were the ones who freed the slaves, a manipulative conservative talking point that ignores over 100 years of racist history. Luckily John Legend (and Charlemagne tha God!) was there to try and steer Kanye in the right direction with a thorough overview of the Republican party's backslide.


"I know you don't read a lot about politics or political history and the person whose text you just posted probably knows that too," Legend wrote. "That's why they told you to post that silly tweet about the old Republican and Democratic parties. Not trying to manipulate your free thought. Trying to inform it!"

This of course isn't the first time Legend has stepped in to help Kanye out in the past few weeks. Kanye was also in attendance at Chrissy Teigen's baby shower this weekend, with Teigen writing on Twitter after the party, "Honestly what’s a baby shower if you don’t faintly hear a passionate discussion about North Korea while opening gifts."

Don't forget — Bring iCarly to Brazil.

Thumbnail image via Jason Bahr / Stringer

John Legend is the only person in Calabasas who has read a book