Jesse Jo Stark’s “Fire Of Love” will make you join the darkside

Lots of skulls and diamonds.

May 01, 2018

Jesse Jo Stark is a budding rock star out of L.A. with an eerie, bluesy vibe. She's prepping her full-length debut project for a September release, but first, she's dropped off a video for the anthemic "Fire Of Love." The video takes place in a gorgeous movie theater that seems pretty haunted. Stark is there to perform and she also sports an incredible flaming headpiece.


As Stark explained over email, the "Fire Of Love " video was born out of a close collaboration between Stark and her friend/director Chuck Grant. "It heavily references many of my inspirations," she said. "Ranging from a Salvador Dali still to Tarantino films, and is an ode to horror which Chuck so vividly brings to life. The song is an anthem about the fiery nature of passion and relationships so we wanted the video to have a similar, electric feel. It features a performance by myself which represents a strong female taunting the dangers of love (here taking the shape of The Skeleton Man) which she dances in the face of. My love is dead.”

Thumbnail via Alana O'Herlihy

Jesse Jo Stark’s “Fire Of Love” will make you join the darkside