Nas encourages fans on social media who dismiss Kelis’s allegations of domestic violence

He’s leaving approving comments on messages supporting him.

May 01, 2018

Recent comments Nas left on his Instagram appear to subtly respond to allegations of physical abuse made by his ex-wife Kelis in a recent interview. Spotted by Michael Arceneaux, the comments find Nas encouraging followers leaving messages applauding Nas for not being married to Kelis anymore and implying that there's no truth to the allegations.


“We need to build the black community, black women are used @ Times by the feminist agenda targeting black men & white supremacy as well, and it’s not what he shows on social media, brothers and sisters, because truthfully it’s none of our business. We not judge & jury, but some play God, but let God Son raise his son in peace," wrote one user. Nas replied to the comment with "applause."

“God been blessing you since you left that woman and it is for reason,' wrote a different user, to which Nas replied with a series of 100 emojis.

The comment were left on an old photo of Nas with his then-toddler son. See the rest of comments above.

Thumbnail courtesy of Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Italia Independent New York City, LLC.

Posted: May 01, 2018