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These two rappers from Raleigh, North Carolina are good as shit

“2 Glocks” by Mali NSB and Tanna Da Demon is hard. Please pay attention.

May 03, 2018

Are y’all paying attention to what’s going on in Raleigh, North Carolina? Because you should be. On this week’s Soundcloud explorations, I came across “2 Glocks” by Mali NSB, featuring fellow Raleigh rapper Tanna Da Demon (formerly of Raleigh-based rap group BBO). There’s not much else to say except that the song is live as hell, and that both women can rap their asses off.


Mali’s first up, her hook and verse going in non-stop over a creepy, Goosebumps-reminiscent piano melody that’s laid atop an extra-hard, fast-as-shit beat. Tanna Da Demon drops in around 1:30, her flow a little more playful but equally as relentless. It's a fiery tag team of a track, one that brings me back to some of my favorite older, uptempo cuts from Chicago’s Sasha Go Hard. These ladies go!!!

Both don’t have too much music out at the moment, but I’m excited to hear what else comes from each of them. In the meantime, peep my current faves from Mali and Tanna below.

"Hurry," Mali NSB

Mali sings a little more on this one, and it's super catchy. Also, she goes in double-time at 2:08 and it's crazy.

"Migo," Mali NSB

Maybe her first track, it's from September of last year. A little slower and just as good. Sheesh.

"Ride Or Die," Tanna Da Demon

I think this one is Tanna's first solo track, produced by Drum Dummie (a personal fave who also produced this among several other gems). It's tough!

These two rappers from Raleigh, North Carolina are good as shit