Watch Rihanna do her makeup in 10 minutes

Learn from an expert.

May 03, 2018

RIhanna did a makeup tutorial for her latest cover of Vogue, and the 10-minute video is, as assumed, mesmerizing. Rihanna starts with nothing and ends in full glamour, highlighting her favorite Fenty Beauty products, and the role of makeup in her life. ("Everybody knows concealer is made for hiding bags and dark circles and hangovers and bad decisions. It's all right here - the cure.")


She also explains that her newest product, Body Lava, was inspired by a makeshift version she used to mix while growing up in the Caribbean, explaining “I’d make body glitter makeup with oil, eyeshadows that I crushed up, and pigments."

"My vibe for summer is: more is more," she says in the video. Watch and learn above.

Watch Rihanna do her makeup in 10 minutes