Wanna take a warm, jazzy trip through Marrakech?

Watch the video for “Salaam” by Kamaal Williams.

May 15, 2018

There's a level of synergy when a song and its video are perfectly suited to each other that feels almost magical, like some sort of cosmic artistic eclipse. This is thrillingly the case for "Salaam," by the London contemporary jazz ensemble, Kamaal Williams. Led by Henry Wu of the jazz-funk experimental duo Yussef Kamaal, Kamaal Williams fits perfectly into a musical landscape flourishing with nu-jazz sounds. "Salaam" is a warmly composed three-minute journey, taken from the forthcoming album, The Return.


Its Greg Barnes-directed video, premiering today on The FADER, features a chase through the streets of Marrakech. Starring a wide-ranging cast of characters, including the artist Hassan Hajjaj, the video captures the layered textures of both the Moroccan city and of Kaamal Williams's synthy, exhilirating jazz. If the ending feels like something of cliffhanger, that's because "the series will continue," says Wu.

"Marrakech is a special place for me, both spiritually and creatively. Every time I go, I feel alive again and it's a huge inspiration for my work. There is no art scene in Morocco without Hassan Hajjaj, so I couldn’t make this film without his blessing. He introduced me to Amine Bendriouich who introduced me to Yazid and we made the film in two days," explains Wu. "Working with local people in the medina and sharing our story with the community made this experience real." He added: "A special thanks goes out to Yazid, Hassan Hajjaj, Amine Bendriouich, Ahlam Triki, Mouhcine Zoutina, Abdul Razzaq and the umma of Marrakech."

Thumbnail by Salem Wazaki

Wanna take a warm, jazzy trip through Marrakech?