R.I.P. Young King Dave, the “doinks” originator

A GoFundMe for funeral expenses has been launched.

May 17, 2018


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David James Nixon, better known on the internet as rapper Young King Dave, has passed away at the age of 19, Motherboard reports.


Nixon went viral in early 2017 from two clips recorded from his social media pages: in the first, seen above, he spits, remarks "It's fucking nice out," and offers good weed to anyone who wants to hang out. The second and arguably biggest clip features Dave next to a field, proudly announcing he's "smoking big doinks in Amish." The term "doink" soon became jokey internet shorthand for oversized joints.

Young King Dave's manager Chris Clemenza told Motherboard Nixon had passed away from complications after treatment for a collapsed lung. Dave's family has launched a GoFundMe with proceeds going towards funeral expenses and Dave's favorite charity, the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Watch a short Young King Dave documentary produced by Mass Appeal here.

R.I.P. Young King Dave, the “doinks” originator