14 country rap songs that sound good as hell

Tracy’s “Like A Farmer” is only the most recent example of a genre-blending phenomenon that’s been happening for years.

May 18, 2018

Last week, Tracy (formerly Lil Tracy) shared a new song called "Like A Farmer." The artwork consisted of a classic farm stock image and the song itself features a bright guitar line, a rooster crowing, and Tracy rapping in a country accent about picking up someone's daughter in a tractor. The song, which quickly became a meme, is over the top and hilarious but it also slaps.


"Like A Farmer" is far from the first time that the lines between rap and country music have been blurred. There've been some missteps, sure, but there are also quite a few examples of the two genres coming together seamlessly. Below, I've compiled a (somewhat) comprehensive list of some of the best "country" rap tunes out there on the internet.

Young Thug f. Millie Go Lightly, "Family Don't Matter"

Beautiful Thugger Girls was kinda slept on? Anyway, horses don't stop, they keep going.

Mo Thugs Family f. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, "Ghetto Cowboy"

The Jimmy Z harmonica makes this.

Nelly f. Tim McGraw, "Over and Over"

I actually don't like this song but everyone else in the office says it's the best one.

Master P, "Ooohhhwee"

This song on its own is very loosely "country," but the video made it a mandatory addition to this list.

Bubba Sparxxx f. Colt Ford & Danny Boone, "Country Folks"

When Bubba Sparxxx returned as a skinny legend and dropped a country rap anthem for our times.

Keith Frank f. Boosie, "Haterz"

This is technically a zydeco song but close enough.

Stitches, "I Cry"

I think one YouTube commenter said it best when they wrote, "Used to think Stitch was a joke...Guess the joke was on me."

Kevin Gates, "Careful"

Remember when Kevin Gates was doing that country alter-ego thing. Yeah.

Jelly Roll & Lil Wyte, "Demons"

Demons: we all have them.

Nappy Roots f. Anthony Hamilton "Po' Folks"

Again, only loosely could be considered a country song but it feels right. There was a remix to this with the Ying Yang Twins but it doesn't seem to be anywhere on the internet.

Jawga Boyz, "Ridin High"

This honestly sounds more like Three 6 Mafia than it doesn't.

Lil Wayne, "This Is The Carter"

What if Mannie Fresh had moved to Nashville for a year and, like, made a Dixie Chicks album.

Lil Racecar, "Bed of Lies"

Fredo Santana, "I'm A Country Singer and My Name Is Ed Vine"

RIP Fredo. Long Live Country Ed.


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14 country rap songs that sound good as hell