Your old wrestling t-shirts could be worth a lot of money

A new Highsnobiety documentary dives into the hidden fandom around collecting vintage wrestling t-shirts.

May 18, 2018

Are you into wrestling? Do you own a bunch of wrestling T-shirts? If you said yes to the second question, I have good news for you: your shirts could be worth a lot of money! If you only said yes to the first question, I have slightly less good news for you: you could buy some cool ass vintage wrestling t-shirts, but they might be expensive.


A new documentary from Highsnobiety for their Hidden Heat series dives deep into the niche buy, sell, and collect market that has recently exploded around vintage wrestling t-shirts.

I, as someone who has neither no interest in wrestling nor has owned any wrestling paraphernalia, learned a lot of things about the craze. Shirts from different wrestling eras could be more rare, and thus be worth more money, than shirts from other eras. Also, depending on the cut, quality, and ease-of-copy, a rare shirt could be worth up to $150! This has inevitably got me thinking about the difference in value in concert t-shirts and how much I could sell some of my old Kanye tees for.

If you want to learn more about the quirks in valuing and collecting vintage wrestling items, make sure you check out the full Highsnobiety documentary above.

Your old wrestling t-shirts could be worth a lot of money