“This & That” is about to be blasting out of every car in Chicago this summer

Producer D. Brooks Exclusive cooked up a summer jam featuring Valee, King Louie, and Kd Young Cocky.

May 21, 2018

Valee is a car expert, so it’s no surprise that he’s crafted a hook perfectly suited for blasting with the windows down this summer. “This & That,” a sultry slap produced by Chicago producer D. Brooks Exclusive, brings together a few of his city’s brightest — Valee, King Louie, and Kd Young Cocky — for a riding track about spoiling your girl and pulling up to the parking lot in a fly ass Mercedes-Benz.


“We went to this show where Kd, Valee and Mikey Dollaz were performing, and we all left to go to the studio after,” producer D. Brooks Exclusive shared of the origins of the track. “I think the “This & That” beat was the first one I pulled up, and Valee instantly got up and freestyled the hook in like 2 takes.” Listen to the song above.