Cuco is at home in You’re Doing Great

This short documentary from The FADER follows Cuco through his home in California.

May 24, 2018

Cuco is a 19-year-old independent singer-songwriter from Hawthorne, California making dreamy pop music. He recently released his EP Chiquito, which features tracks like "Sunnyside" and "CR-V," tender songs about love and friendship.


In this new short documentary from The FADER, Cuco opens up about growing up and feeling isolated and how he learned to express these feelings through music. He also shared the feelings of responsibility that comes with being the only child of parents who immigrated from Mexico to the United States.

"If you're a kid of an immigrant, one of your main goals is always going to be to provide for family and give back at one point," Cuco explained.

The documentary is filled with moments of tenderness between Cuco and his friends and family, shot against the beautiful backdrops of his home in California. Watch the full documentary above.

Cuco is at home in You’re Doing Great