Pen Gutt’s “Independent” will make you want to quit your job

Check out the Norwegian artist’s debut single.

May 24, 2018

23-year-old Norwegian artist Pen Gutt celebrates the DIY spirit in his debut single, "Independent." The self-directed video catches Pen Gutt, all teeth and cheekbones (Pen Gutt translates as "pretty boy,") as he bounces around his hometown delivering the song down the barrel of his phone. The whole thing comes off like an Instagram Story you won't wan't to swipe past.


"Independent" showcases Pen Gutt's double-time flow over a bubbling beat. He raps mainly in his native tongue, with the only decipherable English being "Fuck it." The track is out now via Luft Recordings and Terrible Records.

Speaking to The FADER about the rack, Pen Gutt said: "'Independent' was made last summer when I was back from a year in Denmark. I had a lot to say, so everything just poured out. The hook came from that I wanted to make it cool to say that you're independent, that you don’t need anybody but yourself, and It really doesn’t matter if you've got a boss or not. You’re the one in charge."

Check out "Independent" above.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Hedda Rystad.

Pen Gutt’s “Independent” will make you want to quit your job