NON Records teams up with music education non-profit SAFA for a new compilation

Listen to SAFA! New York City, featuring 13 original tracks by students of the program.

June 01, 2018

Earlier this year, experimental music collective NON Records released their NON Worldwide Compilation Trilogy, a three-part collection of tracks from friends and family of the crew like Klein, Richard Kennedy, Embaci, and others. This month, NON teamed up with Brooklyn-based music education non-profit Sonic Arts For All to release SAFA! New York City, a 13-track compilation featuring original tracks created by students of the program, like DJ Darien’s “Pizza,” a bleepy, and brain-bending ode to a food he “likes,” DJ Raz’s gentle “Boss Fight,” or DJ Storm’s emotional and remix-ready “Piano, Guitar, and Strings." Each track, and the compilation as a whole, is a really rad reminder of how insanely talented and creative young people can be. Go youth!


“The collaboration was born out of us approaching SAFA about how we could get involved [with them],” NON Records commented over email. “Max [Alper] of SAFA had brought to our attention the plans to bring their program to Puerto Rico. We loved the idea and wanted to help bring awareness to the program through NON. After their benefit show in March, we asked Max and the students if they were interested in releasing music via NON’s record label and donate the proceeds to [the program’s] new home in Puerto Rico.”

Listen to the compilation above, support the project on Bandcamp, and learn more about SAFA’s importance and impact through these student interviews. For more information about donating to SAFA, click here.

NON Records teams up with music education non-profit SAFA for a new compilation