Taylor Bennett champions individuality on “Be Yourself”

It’s off Bennett’s upcoming project with the same name.

June 06, 2018

Taylor Bennett just dropped the title track from his upcoming project Be Yourself. The track is a piano-laden groove that sees Bennett tirelessly rap for 3-mins about everything from finding himself, his bisexuality, growing up in Chicago, and being comfortable in your own skin.


In a conversation with Time regarding the song, Bennett shared that he was inspired by Young Thug while he stayed and recorded with the Atlanta rapper in his studio for two days during tour. "While I stayed with him, nobody was judged based off anything they were wearing [or] the way they talked," Bennett shared. "It was literally a safe, carefree community, which I don’t feel really exists for African Americans."

Listen to "Be Yourself" below.

Taylor Bennett champions individuality on “Be Yourself”