16 songs you’re sleeping on right now

This is our attempt at balancing the universe.

June 14, 2018
16 songs you’re sleeping on right now

Each month The FADER staff rounds up the songs we wish more people were playing. Here they are, in no particular order.


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Zahsosaa, "Humble"

This joyful-as-hell song from the teenage Philly rapper sounds a like a potential smash. At the 2:10 mark, Zahsosaa and all his friends sing the track's refrain while hanging out the door of a Sprinter van; it's the most euphoric scene I've watched in a rap video in a long time. — Ben

Hatchie, "Bad Guy"

When is Gia Coppola making another movie? This song has the kind of tormented pop vibe that would fit perfectly as the soundtrack to a teenage girl riding her bike while crying or whatever. — Olivia

Uffie, "Drugs"

Blog Haus queen Uffie returned with a quiet little bop about the party ending, and it deserves more support. — Myles

Cherrie, "Det Slår Mig Ibland"

When Cherrie said "Den jag är nu, den jag ville bli," I felt that! — David

Bladee, "Nike Just Do It"

The Swedish innovator's new album Red Light is incredible and incredibly bleak. Lyric from 2018 I wish I didn't think about as much is this one: "Heard you say you wanna die, so do I / Just do it like Nike, eat the night." — Duncan

Tierra Whack, “Hungry Hippo”

Goddammit why is this song only one minute? This smooth, refreshing track makes me feel like I’ve finally eaten fruits and vegetables after eating nothing but french fries for one week straight. — Juliana

Nicole Dollanganger, “Tammy Faye”

Named after a wild-eyed evangelist, this slow-burning standout from Nicole Dollanganger’s latest batch is a nice reminder of her greatest talent: making songs that unfold like little movies inside your head. — Patrick

Desiigner, "Tonka"

Desiigner insists he doesn't wanna get married again. I don't know anything about his marital status but this is a good song. — Rawiya

Wished Bone, "Pollinate Me"

A friend asked me recently for a recommendation for once she needed a break from Kacey Musgraves and Snail Mail. The answer to her and everyone is L.A.'s Wished Bone, who has not just one of the most distinctive voices in music but an insanely sweet song about being horny about poetry books. — Duncan

Dawn Richard x Mumdance, "Guardian Angel"

Please sign my petition to have Amazon bring back Mozart In The Jungle with Mumdance in the Gael García Bernal role. — David

Klein, "apologise"

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who are scared shitless by The Blair Witch Project, and people who are secret demonic entities and, as a result, remain unaffected by the film's primal horror. Those in the former camp will get spooked by "apologise," a new song from the California-via-London producer that samples the film's iconic, climatic confession. It might be the most chilling noise recording you hear this year. — Jordan

Coco Mamba, “Open Space”

The standout track from her new EP Neptune, “Open Space” is a melancholy, sultry track about deceit and emotional uncertainty. — Juliana

Aja, "Brujería"

One of my fav queens from RuPaul's Drag Race is Brooklyn's banjie-anime-witch Aja. On her debut rap EP, In My Feelings, she raps confidently over clubby beats, especially on the intense "Brujería." — Myles

Jenny Hval, "The Dreamer is Everyone In Her Dream"

It starts as a lullaby, then spirals into a Nemo in Slumberland-esque trance. The opening lyrics are mantra-worthy: "You might be in pieces, but let's call it something else / let's say that you are your own disco ball" — Jordan

Free Cake For Every Creature, “Around You”

On the lead single from her new album, Katie Bennett sings softly about the sort of adolescent tomfoolery — hanging under streetlights, stealing books from the school library — that’ll make you want to call up your oldest friends. — Patrick

Mason Ramsey, “Famous”

The artist formerly known as Yodel Boy made the fastest-ever transition from viral video star to legitimate singer with this country-pop banger. Please give my lil’ woke cowboy a chance! — Rawiya

16 songs you’re sleeping on right now