Hear Oslo producer FAKETHIAS’s mind-warping “Ephinephrine”

His debut EP, Attune, comes out next week.

June 15, 2018
Hear Oslo producer FAKETHIAS’s mind-warping “Ephinephrine” Frederik Austad

FAKETHIAS is Mathias Humlen, who came to my attention recently as a member of Norway’s airy, sort-of-rap group Softcore Untd. Unlike that project, which is… soft… core… his new solo endeavor is extremely hard. "Epinephrine" is the first song released from his debut EP, Attune, out June 22 via Ball ‘Em Up.


Reminiscent of the work of SOPHIE, whose paradigm-shifting debut album was released today, the production can feel like music as much as it can sound design, with deranged textures in juxtaposition and flow. You have to go through the first two minutes to understand the third, the third for the actually-weirdest fourth. Seems like lots of iPhone voice notes are in play.

Over email, FAKETHIAS said: “The reason why I use such a vast majority of unusual audio recordings is because I want it to be double-sided: I want to make pictures with the music, and on the other hand I like to make the music more personal by incorporating recordings only I have a relationship with — the ones that mean something special to me.”

Hear Oslo producer FAKETHIAS’s mind-warping “Ephinephrine”