Watch Tenderlonious’s first-ever music video, “The Shakedown”

The London jazz musician’s new album is out now.

June 19, 2018

Tenderlonious's "The Shakedown" is a beautiful, emotive track that is just as fitting on the London artist's album of the same name as it would be in some mid-century spy movie. Emphatic vocal samples and driving percussion and plodding, flute-led instrumentation, courtesy of the jazz supergroup 22archestra, give "The Shakedown" an impressively narrative feel. Today The FADER is debuting the song's video, a sharply animated Blaxpoitation-inspired clip that is a joy to watch.


“‘The Shakedown’ is the story of a greedy London promoter who is trying to hold back show money from 22a,” says Tenderlonious. “These situations happen sometimes, so you have to be prepared to handle your business. Big love to Plastic Horse for the animation!”

Upcoming shows:

June 22nd - London – Oslo
June 30th – London – Red Bull Music Odyssey
July 30th - Croatia – Soundwave
31st August - Cornwall - Knee Deep Festival

Watch Tenderlonious’s first-ever music video, “The Shakedown”