Bakar shows the gritty side of soccer in his “Million Miles” video

BADKID is out now.

June 21, 2018

Sure, the World Cup is exciting but if you want a taste of *real* soccer then you need to stand on the boggy marshes of east London on a wet Wednesday night. Rising U.K. artist Bakar knows this to be true and has set his "Million Miles" video in a world populated by bruising center halves, oranges at half-time, and angry coaches barking orders from the dugout.


The "Million Miles" video, premiering above via The FADER, is vintage era Danny Dyer-movie territory. Snarling pitbulls and nights at the dog races provide the backdrop for a short story of a soccer prodigy (played by Bakar) battling to fulfill his potential and gain the approval of his demanding mentor.

The spiky "Million Miles," a melodic take on grime cut through with indie and post-punk guitars is taken from Bakar's debut mixtape BADKID, released earlier this year.

The idea for the video was borne out of Bakar and director John Ford Glance’s obsession with a YouTube clip of lower league manager John Sitton. Bakar says: “This is our love letter to football, an homage to John Sitton. We wanted to journey the lower leagues of English football. These are the forgotten pockets of London, places on the brink of extinction.”

Thumbnail image courtesy of Kay Ibrahim.

Bakar shows the gritty side of soccer in his “Million Miles” video