People from Oakland know how to get a multi-layered fit off

The beautifully breezy city showed out at this year’s Feels art and music exhibition.

Photographer Mancy Gant
June 21, 2018

It was windy as all hell at Richmond, California’s Craneway Pavilion, but that only made the flocks of incredibly hype and happy young music and art appreciators look even more majestic while pulling up to Feels this past sunny Saturday. Hosted by local publication Wine & Bowties,, the Oakland-born yearly art and music exhibition and family affair returned for it’s sixth iteration, bigger and bolder than ever. It featured installations from local artists, musical performances (Kelis!!), and a marketplace highlighting independent creators.


Attendees complemented the event's radness to the T. In my time in the Bay, I’ve come to associate the region with its layer-friendly weather — never too hot or cold, with temperatures changing rapidly as you cross a bridge or turn the corner on an afternoon walk. At Feels, this made for some of the most fantastically put together multi-piece fits I have ever seen! Fans pulled up sporting looks that entailed multiple top and bottom layers, from mesh tops paired with a bralette and furry coat, to jumpsuits accented with neck and belt scarves and a cute cropped jacket to match. It almost felt like every outfit was a collage in itself, encouraging my eyes linger on each passerby for extra few seconds to see if I could catch another surprise element.

Take a look at some of our favorite looks from Feels 6 below, and keep up with what’s happening in Oakland over at Wine & Bowties.