Watch the video for Tyde Levi’s slinky new track, “Goldchains”

Interpretive dance hours.

June 26, 2018

Tyde Levi is perhaps best known for being a one-time YouTube heartthrob and the brother of Troye Sivan. But the Australian 18-year-old has his own sights set on music, with a sound of his own. Today, The FADER is debuting the video for his brand-new single, "Goldchains," a slinky R&B pop track featuring warm horns and gently layered melodies. The clip is appropriately matched, featuring a pair of dancers, expressive movement, and a spotlight.


“‘Goldchains’ is about raw lust. It's love with no boundaries. It's that one person you just can’t get enough of and they can’t get enough of you. The song itself is so self-explanatory and obvious that for the video I wanted viewers to be intrigued and have to think, to not be handed what they hear and see on a plate,” he says. “Aaron Sillis truly brought the vision to life. The way the two dancers relationship furthers and grows stronger throughout the video is mind-blowing, sexually and emotionally.”

Watch above.

Watch the video for Tyde Levi’s slinky new track, “Goldchains”