Keiynan Lonsdale finds the power inside himself on “Preach”

A meditative fantasy.

June 29, 2018

It's almost the end of Pride Month and if you want to carry the good vibes and self-acceptance into the rest of the calendar year with you, then Keiynan Lonsdale can help. The singer/actor, who recently appeared in Love, Simon, is back today with a new song to help you center yourself. In the video for "Preach," which is premiering on The FADER today, Lonsdale does some impressive bar choreography and then transcends his physical self — it's great.


In an email to The FADER, he explained where the song came from and what he hopes his fans will gain from it. “I wrote ‘Preach' over a year ago.. but I didn’t know what it actually meant, or its significance to my life, until several months later. Both the song and the video have become like my mirrors, so everything good & bad that comes with one's own reflection has of course presented itself through this project haha.

I want everyone to have their own interpretation of it for them, but for me it’s about fucking with your own soul, agreeing to be on the ride together no matter what, and discovering/remembering that magic is real if you believe it so.”

Keiynan Lonsdale finds the power inside himself on “Preach”