8 tank tops to keep you from melting in this heat

Came through drippin’!!!

July 02, 2018

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There's hot weather, and then there's unsustainably boiling heat. And to the chagrin of the people of planet Earth, we're experiencing the latter. It's scorching to the point that every time I see a mere photo of Ariana Grande walking around NYC wearing a massive hoodie and thigh high boots, I feel like I'm going to faint from second-hand heat stroke. As much I'd love a reality in which we could cling to our high-powered AC units continuously throughout the day, I know we have to go outside because that's where "work" and our "friends" happen to be.


It's in our collective best interest to accept this heat for what it is and adapt the best we can — which means lots of cute tank tops and minimal clothing. Whether they're sheer, textured, or straight up goofy, tanks will be the saving grace of the many heatwaves to come, so scroll down and see the best ones for the season.

1. Heavy hardware

Incorporating some workwear-adjacent elements into your tank doubles as a way of staying cool literally, and staying cool as in on-trend. FADER cover star Rico Nasty, pictured above, goes for exposed zippers and metal hardware on her construction cone orange top that rivals the sun in brightness, and it looks killer.

2. Transparency is key

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Follow Kali Uchis and go for a completely see-through tank. Skip the bottoms, too. Unif has your translucent tank needs covered.

3. Turn up the shimmer

A shiny tank is an easy way to add glamour to any fit, and as an added bonus, it'll distract from any and all glistening sweat. London-based line Nφdress by Chinese designer LuQi Yu has a sparkling tank that goes hard and while still feeling dreamy.

4. Classic stripes

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Swae Lee has the type of style that's consistently effortless. Like, if I didn't know better, I would say that he was born covered in his signature heavy jewelry, and that same ease applies to his summertime wardrobe. Swae's simple tank with juicy watermelon-colored stripes is fool-proof for hot days — it's vibrant on its own, and still looks slick with equally colorful bottoms.

5. Sweet cut-outs

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Not only do tiny cut-outs add flair to the standard tank, but there's also an opportunity to get a rad-as-hell tanline. Lazy Oaf's rainbow top hits cute overload with a heart-shaped cut-out.

6. Scuba on land

There's always those horrific days in which it's so hot that it feels like you've hopped out of a pool. They're not great! But a tank inspired by scuba gear — like visual artist Uzumaki Cepeda's jewel-toned tank —could help you fantasize that you're actually in a body of water and not sweating your ass off. Cop a similar vibe from Dollskill.

7. Breezy Denim

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Denim isn't just for the crucial cut-offs. A denim tank like Korean line SJYP's bustier is just as relaxed and offers a structured look that's still breathes.

8. A life motto worth getting behind

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I've always been a firm believer of using your style to make a statement, and honestly, a cheeky slogan tank is the proper way to do it while beating the heat. Head to the nearest boardwalk and let the airbrush artist dude do his thing.

Thumbnail via Rico Nasty's Instagram.

8 tank tops to keep you from melting in this heat