PC Music’s felicita announces debut album, shares “marzipan” with Caroline Polachek

Read a short conversation between both artists.

July 03, 2018

felicita, an Anglo-Polish music producer and experimental artist, and Caroline Polachek (formerly of Chairlift) headed out to the Arizona desert for their beautful and surreal new video. The Jodorowsky-esque visuals for "marzipan" act as the perfect introduction to PC Music-signee felicita's debut album, hej!, due on August 3.


Polachek's spectral voice lends itself ideally to the old Polish lullaby she sings on "marzipan," an ominous and increasingly tense deep dive into the experimental pop world felicita has created.

Below is a short conversation between Caroline Polachek, in the role of interviewer, and felicita.


If I play the narrator, where is felicita?

felicita is whispering the story into your ear.

Did you enjoy being frightened by anything as a child?


I remember being frightened by, but enjoying: fireworks, sleepwalking, being lost on the beach, ‘scary sounding music’ (Captain Beefheart), mushrooms.

There are thousands of versions of był sobie król ("marzipan"), but I know your interested in making things that are new. Is the oldness of the song included in your idea of newness, or is it more a structure for throwing new sounds and contexts into clearer juxtaposition?

Sometimes feeling good about something old for the first time is new. Sometimes newness comes through personal conflict and breakthrough, which can be felt in the work by others. Sometimes newness is trying to consciously reconfigure reality according to different ideas. Sometimes two people impulsively deciding to make something together that has no context or reason to exist can produce something new. Sometimes jumping around and yelling and stamping the floor in a studio with the mic left on until one of you falls into a chair and they both laugh is new. Sometimes it’s fine if things aren’t new if they still feel good. Newness can be deceptive sometimes.


hej! track list:

"coughing up amber"
"soft power I"
"soft power II"
"marzipan" (feat. Caroline Polachek)
"elena again
"night soil (fade out)"
"mosaic genetics"

PC Music’s felicita announces debut album, shares “marzipan” with Caroline Polachek