L.A. based 69 is about to step up your beach game

Just add water and sand.

July 04, 2018

Not to be dramatic but every day that I don't go to the beach during the summer, I feel like every fiber of my being is shrieking in agony. And when those beach days finally arrive, all I want is a beach bag that's ready to go at a moment's notice. Perennially cool denim label 69 has come to the rescue with their Summer Starter Pack, and to no one's surprise it's the raddest beach bag out there. The starter pack includes a clear tote, a sprawling towel, and a recyclable water bottle, all emblazoned with the Cancer zodiac insignia — or the sex position if you're nasty. The bundle runs for $100, which is totally worth it considering you'll be the envy of everyone else within a 10 mile radius of the shoreline. SPF not included.


Thumbnail via 69us's Instagram

Posted: July 04, 2018