Oscar #Worldpeace picks a side in his “Twix” video

The London rapper gets together with Berlin’s Ace Tee for a sweet new collaboration.

July 06, 2018

North London MC Oscar #Worldpeace teams up with Berlin's Ace Tee on "Twix," a new track about young love and the trials we face growing older. The visual, premiering above via The FADER, offsets the mellow and introspective track with a slice of London life captured via a series intimate snapshots of various couples.


"Twix," named after the chocolate-y snack with a thick layer of caramel on top, sees Oscar praising a girl he's known since school. She's the one that would "lift me up when my mind was low, pick me up when my money ran low." Ace Tee, who broke out in last year with the swaggering "Bist Du Down?" also reminisces about simper times as she repeats the chorus: "You got change for a drink? you got change for a Twix? I got you back when we link." The video ends with a pair of kids settling down to watch TV and splitting the chocolate bar between them.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Oscar said: "The song feels and reminds me of summer 2007 in London. Young, innocent love!"

Check out the video above.

Oscar #Worldpeace picks a side in his “Twix” video