6 different ways to keep it breezy with blazers

It’s not business as usual.

July 09, 2018

You don't need us to tell you that fashion is cyclical. What was once old is now coveted and new, and blazers are a clothing piece experiencing an extreme resurgence. Transcending its historical ties to refinement, this new generation of blazers are playful and rely on stand-out tweaks think — 21st century textures, gleaming hardware, and fresh silhouettes to set them apart from sterile corporate attire or being sloppily thrown over a band tee. Peep below to see the coolest ways to make this trend your own.

1. Foiled again

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FYI, bizarre textures will suck any residual stuffiness out of a blazer and Kelela gets it. The singer went for a full-on futuristic look with a shiny copper blazer by CDFA award winning design line Sies Marjan, and it's pretty out of this world.

2. Get chained

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FADER cover star Rico Nasty has been making her mark in rap, and her personal style is in the same boat. Even in a blazer, she stays true to her punk attitude, choosing to don metal chains, skull embellishments, and ample silver grommets.

3. Tomboy days

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For a more easy-going blazer look, pair it with tailored shorts and a sneaker. It's sporty, but in more of a prim and proper UK boy-wearing-his-school-uniform kind of way.

4. Dress for the job you want

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Conversely, a blazer fashioned as a dress is mega-sensual. Cool girl denim line Miaou's founder Alexia Elkaim looks boardroom and party ready in a quilted and cinched blazer dress.

5. Dress it down

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A white tee, denim cut-offs, and chunky sandals are standard summer necessities. Just throw on a crisp blazer like artist Jyn Waye and your easiest outfit will look like something you put a lot of thought into.

6. Sharp angles

Skip the fitted frame and opt for an oversized silhouette with sharp, almost architectural angles. French line Y/PROJECT does it well with unisex fits that focus on long, clean lines.

Thumbnail via Kelela's Instagram.

6 different ways to keep it breezy with blazers