Oneohtrix Point Never announces The Station EP

Three brand new songs, plus a single from his just-released album Age Of.

July 10, 2018
Oneohtrix Point Never announces <i>The Station</i> EP Oneohtrix Point Never   Atiba Jefferson

On July 27, Daniel Lopatin a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never will share The Station EP, a four-track release containing three new songs and "The Station," the second single from the new OPN album Age Of. As Lopatin revealed on Monday, "The Station" began as a demo for Usher, who approached Lopatin to collaborate after seeing him perform with Anohni (the track was eventually rejected).


The Station EP will drop digitally on July 27. The same tracklist will appear on a physical 12" release entitled "We'll Take It." out on the same day. Listen to "The Station" below, followed by Oneohtrix Point Never's upcoming MYRIAD tour dates.

Oneohtrix Point Never MYRIAD tour dates

9/12- Tokyo, Japan - O-East
9/24 - Paris, France - 104 Centquatre Presented by Red Bull Music Festival Paris
10/22- Los Angeles, CA, USA - Disney Concert Hall

Oneohtrix Point Never announces The Station EP