A comprehensive guide to DeJ Loaf’s style evolution

From house party casual to show-stopping suits.

July 13, 2018

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DeJ Loaf has been a power-player in hip-hop from the jump — the Detroit MC can't be boxed in, her music going from hard to soft to inspiring and back again without breaking a sweat. And it's no surprise that her style is on the same wavelength. From bursting onto the scene with "Try Me" and comfy fits to the sleek suits of her Liberation era, DeJ routinely looks fly as hell.


She's fearless when it comes to experimenting with her personal style, and with a penchant for over-the-top pieces like an iridescent visor or a runway-meets-It yellow raincoat, she's carved out her own space in the style realm. What began as a solid foundation of relaxed fits has flourished into a style fueled by boldness, and below, you'll find her complete look at her style evolution. Be sure to take notes.

"Try Me" (2014)

"Try Me" is one of those songs that became the litmus test of a good party — if it wasn't playing, it was time to go. DeJ captured the ease of her debut track in its music video with some casual wear with attitude, and you know that included an all-white ensemble for when she's feeling Godly.

"On My Own" (2015)

"On My Own" is DeJ's reminder that she's that bitch, and the video focuses on her on-the-grind style — comfy hoodies, tanks that breathe, and trusty tracksuits only.

"Me U & Hennessy" (2015)

DeJ gets sultry with some sexcation-appropriate wear like cut-out lingerie, a flowing white jumpsuit, and stacks of gold jewelry.

"Back Up" (2015)

DeJ blessed us with one of the most profound lyrics of all time ("If I fuck and make you cum, you got to promise not to stress me") all while having the most wild time anyone has ever had at a rollerskating rink. She pulls out another all-white look that skews sporty, and proves that she's got foresight by accessorizing with the early-00s colored sunglasses well before they made their mainstream return.

"Desire" (2016)

Fall fantasy fulfilled, complete with buttery leather jackets, fur trimmings, and lots of denim.

"Goals" (2016)

She's feeling Godly again! The head-to-toe white fit returns all grown up as a sleek two-piece suit.

"Who Am I?" (2016)

DeJ's most simple music video is also her most striking. In "Who Am I?" she soaks in a post-bathbomb tub of black water that's floating in some Under The Skin void space, shitting on men and looking immaculate with a cropped pixie cut and tons of gleaming jewelry.

"Vibes / Chase Mine" (2016)

DeJ nails the art of being laid-back and extra at the same time. Exhibit A: Pairing a denim, workwear style jumpsuit with sneakers adorned with fur embellishments so large, they could pass for adult rabbits.

"In Living Color" (2016)

With a title like "In Living Color," you know the Detroit MC is gonna pull out some vivid looks. Her multicolored fits are heavy on details that rival the vibrancy of the video's South African backdrop.

"No Fear" (2017)

"No Fear" finds DeJ vibing in her oddly Pinterest-appropriate room, which swiftly breaks away and the next thing you know, she's riding her bed through a desert landscape. DeJ's looks balance the video's absurdity — prep school blazers, trousers, and the like keep these grounded in reality.

"Liberated" (2018)

DeJ fully departs from her cozy-casual flair in favor of adventure. She bounces around and hits multiple sartorial notes — highlights being a silky, floral jumpsuit with a highlighter yellow wig, as well as a nod to the Black Panther beret — and nails them all.

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A comprehensive guide to DeJ Loaf’s style evolution