Lush is prototyping a “God is a woman” bath bomb

Recreate the video in the privacy of your own bathtub.

July 17, 2018

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Last week Ariana Grande released the Sweetener single "God is a woman" and promptly followed up with a video, a soaring and grand work that featured the singer as a celestial feminine deity overlooking the Earth. At the start of the video, Ari soaks in a milky primordial fluid and the good people at Lush did what they do best and began prototyping a bath bomb to replicate the moment.

The work-in-progress bath bomb hits the same notes of lavender, blue, and gray as the video and will go into its second phase of prototyping tomorrow according to Lush productive inventor Jack Constantine. "I had a fun day working on a prototype for Ariana Grande of a 'God is a woman' bath bomb in the Lush labs today," wrote Constantine about the process. "Still needs work, version 2 tomorrow." Watch the bath bomb in action, above, and read Ariana's FADER cover story here.


Thumbnail via ArianaGrandeVevo.

Lush is prototyping a “God is a woman” bath bomb