In “Garden,” Medhane finds strength through the possibilities

From his upcoming solo project Ba Suba Ak Jamm.

July 17, 2018

Last spring, New York rapper Medhane spoke to The FADER around the release of Poorboy, his collaborative album with producer Slauson Malone. It’s a beautifully tumultuous project that’s about being a young black man trying to accomplish your goals, and the frustration and challenges that stems from what may “come in and fuck you up” along the way. Later that year, he also released a solo project called Do For Self.


Premiering today on The FADER is “Garden,” the newest song and video from Medhane. The song, a woozy one produced by DJ Blackpower, finds the rapper parsing through setbacks he’s faced and finding strength in positive possibilities and the support of his friends. “I’m just tryna make it to the morning,” he repeats at the end of the track. The video, shot by Elijah Maura and produced by NYC creative agency CENO, finds Medhane walking through Brooklyn and kicking it with producer and collaborator Slauson Malone all the while accompanied by a puppet figure. The puppet eventually leaves him, and the clip ends with Medhane and friends kicking it around Barclays Center.

The song is the first from his upcoming project Ba Suba Ak Jamm, due out July 24th. When asked about the album's title over email, Medhane shared: “The title is a way to say goodbye in Wolof that translates literally to ‘Tomorrow, with peace.’ I spent seven months in Senegal when I was 16-17. [I] felt like the title/phrase is reflective of a lot of what I’m feeling/talking about on the project as far as making it through the days and looking forward to peace to come in the future." Watch the video for “Garden” above, and keep an eye out for Ba Suba Ak Jamm.

In “Garden,” Medhane finds strength through the possibilities Ba Suba, Ak Jamm album artwork.  
In “Garden,” Medhane finds strength through the possibilities